Admiral of Morality: Rabid Catholics turn on Glastonbury Pagans

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Rabid Catholics turn on Glastonbury Pagans

They're pelted with salt and called witches; Pope said to be Delighted
Next Step: Call in the Real Witches and Send Catholics a Nasty Potion

A group of conservative Catholic Pilgrims in Glastonbury, UK, where according to legend Joseph of Aramethea in about 60AD, took the Holy Grail and founded an Abbey reputed to be the resting place of King Arthur, seized the opportunity of their visit to attack local pagans in a daring and bold display of their love for Christ, the Guardian of London reports.

Glastonbury, about 150 miles southwest of London in Somerset, is a favorite with tourists and witches of all stripes because of its Abbey ruins and delightful concentration of energies for perfecting potions, brews, and the like.

The Catholic group on pilgrimage, Youth 2000, describes itself as "an independent, international initiative that helps young adults aged 16-35 plug back into God at the heart of the Roman Catholic Church" by attacking others they believe may not be as pure and godly as they.

While on pilgrimage, members of the group began to “cleanse” the town of pagans by yelling at them and disparaging their wares at a local store.

The archdruid of Glastonbury, Dreow Bennett, said: "To call the behaviour of some of their members medieval would be an understatement. I personally witnessed the owner of of the Magick Box being confronted by one of their associates and being referred to as a bloody bitch and being told 'you will burn in hell'."

The full story may be read here. Glastonbury Abbey may be accessed here and here. Web visitors are warned that a witches’ script inserted into all Glastonbury web pages may compel them to travel to the area and spend large amounts of money on hotels, dining, walking Glastonbury Tor, and securing “genuine” hangnails of Joseph of Aramethea and other relics.


Anonymous David Huff said...

Ahhh yes...Christians. They will know us by our love. >:P

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