Admiral of Morality: Five Questions for the Secessionist Bishops

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Five Questions for the Secessionist Bishops

1. The Diocese of ________ was created by The General Convention in _____. You are a bishop duly authorized by this same Convention, to function within The Episcopal Church. (a) Upon what basis do you believe it is within your canonical authority to alter the historic relation and status of the diocese? (b) If your basis is theological or pastoral, how does your theological/pastoral position become canonical?

2. Why do you believe or expect, The Episcopal Church must agree to your interpretations or actions?

3. (a) How do you propose to continue within The Episcopal Church when you do not consider yourself part of The Episcopal Church? (b) On what basis do you expect The Episcopal Church to permit the undermining of a diocese it has created?

4. (a) Why if you are not pleased with The Episcopal Church, do you continue to operate within it? (b) If you consider the Church apostate, would it not be preferable to immediately depart the church, rather than risk your salvation? ( c) Which statement best describes your attitude towards the Episcopal Church? (1) It is the rightful Anglican province. (2) It must be replaced as the rightful Anglican province.

5. You have recently received letters from the Episcopal Chancellor. Are you personally aware of the circumstances leading Mr. Beers to write? That is, why he wrote at this time? Please provide only facts, not speculation.


Blogger Frair John said...

I'd be glad to be a signitory on this.

11/02/2006 10:32:00 AM  

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