Admiral of Morality: From the Mailbag

Friday, October 27, 2006

From the Mailbag

Sir: My son, [name redacted] currently serves as a boatswain’s mate onboard the USS Patrick, in the Bay of Bengal. Is it possible for you, Admiral, to contact the captain and have my son transferred to a base, preferably one closer to our home in Jacksonville? Signed, Mrs. H. Matterson
Madam: After several enquiries I have been rebuffed in my attempts to reassign your son. He is needed where he is. I am assured that he is healthy and hale and spending his leave hours not enjoying to the fullest the temptations and wiles of Madras, but studying the Scriptures in his berth. Yours, The AoM

Sir: I write to you from the Anglican Reformed Episcopal Orthodox Catholic Church of Christ (Apostolic). May I point out that we have a fine web site, developed and maintained by one of our many young people.We wish you to develop a link to us so that others seeking the one, true, Anglican Reformed Episcopal Orthodox Catholic faith, might find fellowship with us. Our web portal includes an interactive version of our Book of Common Prayer, the 1928 Niagara Recension with the pages in the corrected order and the various patterns of worship simplified and corrected to capture the faith as it was best transmitted and received in the month of September, 427 A.D. Signed, Mr. A. Jenison, Junior Warden
Sir: I am delighted to discover in your words, the strength of your faith. My best wishes to you and your parish. I will take the request under advisement. Yours, The AoM

Sir: We are unable to access your pages. Our servers redirect our browsers into an infinite loop. If possible, could you send us the hardcopies, which we will recycle judiciously. Signed, The Editors, Propinquus: A Silliman Miscellany.
Gentlemen:Your request brings to mind a similar request I made several years ago while stationed in Buenos Aires. My duties included occasional research at the National Library there for my commanding officer. Is it possible, I asked one of the many knowledgeable and helpful librarians, that I might move a chair thusly, to afford a better view of the sea, from which distant vantage, arises plume of battle? (This was during the British-Argentine War or as it is also known, The Falkland Islands War.) I was told, Sir, your request is impossible, the chairs are bolted. Gentlemen, my apologies. Yours, The AoM


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