Admiral of Morality: Disestablish the Church of England, Ekklesia Urges

Monday, October 23, 2006

Disestablish the Church of England, Ekklesia Urges

Britian has become "post-Christian" and Christianity has been corrupted by its easy alliance with the status quo, the think tank Ekklesia says in a new release. One solution: disestablish the Church of England and allow the Church to become more "marginal" and less controlling, so that it may regain its moral authority.

The release disseminated over the weekend may be read here. The report noted in the release, first promulgated over the summer,"Redeeming Religion in the Public Square," may be read here.

NB: One possible result of the disestablishment of the Church could be how the seat of Canterbury is filled. Currently the Archbishop of Canterbury is selected by the monarch. If the Church were disestablished, it might open the way for a more Communion-wide process. Certainly, honey to ease the swallowing of any "Anglican Covenant" substantially altering the historical interaction amongst bishops and provinces.


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