Admiral of Morality: Episcopal Majority Gathers on Eve of Jefferts Schori Investiture

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Episcopal Majority Gathers on Eve of Jefferts Schori Investiture

The Episcopal Majority Gathering has begun in Washington, D.C., with talks and workshops addressing reconciliation and assorted ways of improving the health of the Church.

On Friday, Dr. Christopher Wilkins (Facilitator of Via Media USA) led the workshop, "Waging Reconciliation." In his opening remarks, he noted, “I believe that the church’s responsibility is the greater toward continuing Episcopalians and those who will seek to join the church in the future than to those who have put themselves into dissent. Our responsibility is greatest, however, for those who most heartily wish for this controversy to end in a way that remembers that this is Christ’s church, not ours.”

The national Gathering, attended by all orders of ministry from scores of dioceses and parishes, continues through the weekend for breaks to attend the investiture of Bishop Katharine Jefferts Schori as Presiding Bishop of The Episcopal Church.

Many reports of the Gatheirng are available. Full details are available at The Episcopal Majority and at their blog. The Episcopal News Service is covering the gathering and providing timely reports. Fr. Mark Harris of Delaware, member of Executive Council and a participant in the Gathering, is also providing updates via his excellent blog, Preludium.


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