Admiral of Morality: The Presiding Bishop must act

Sunday, December 09, 2007

The Presiding Bishop must act

In light of the events in the dioceses of San Joaquin, Fort Worth, and Pittsburgh, the Presiding Bishop and the House of Bishops must not wait any longer to call the rogue bishops of these dioceses to full and speedy account.

The time has clearly arrived when the Presiding Bishop must stop each of these bishops from doing anymore spiritual violence in their dioceses, to the national Church, and to the Communion. 

Each of these bishops, within the week, must be given notice of two months to recant and if not, called before the House of Bishops at the end of that period, and deposed, for abandoning the communion of their Church and violating their vows of ordination. 

If, when the House of Bishops meets, they conclude that they cannot act to protect the church against these rogues, until a "second reading' has occurred in each diocese, then the blame for the confusion, spiritual violence, and legal mess that ensues on those second readings, will certainly be theirs.

The mere fact of calling a convention to vote on secession, is enough to warrant an abandonment of our Church. What else is it? We do not need a second example, to clearly identify the first.

Permitting these bishops to accelerate their divisions and proceed in their hostilities, as bishops, only adds to calls that the Episcopal Church cannot adequately manage its own affairs and that doing so, must come from the outside.

These spiritually violent and schismatic actions have been allowed to continue for far too long. 

The Presiding Bishop must act strongly, and swiftly, to stop each of these bishops from doing any more harm.


Anonymous Josh Indiana said...

I agree. If we wait until the second reading removes, de facto, a diocese from the General Convention, the secessionist bishop can claim, "Your rulings are of no effect, I'm an Argentine now." It's ridiculous. There's no need to wait.

12/09/2007 03:09:00 PM  
Anonymous said...

I wholeheartedly agree. It is time to decisively act and deal with this. Time to show that actions which split TEC will be dealt with aggressively.

12/10/2007 10:29:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Indeed --- who will rid of us these turbulent bishops!

12/11/2007 03:00:00 AM  
Blogger fr craig said...

Absolutely, AM - I think we have more than complied with Matt. 18...

12/11/2007 10:18:00 AM  
Anonymous Mad Potter said...

Well said Admiral! I have to admit it is not as much fun being in agreement with a blog than getting people riled up at Brads blog..Oh well

12/12/2007 06:44:00 PM  
Blogger Padre Mickey said...

Gee, Admiral, are you at sea? There hasn't been a peep from you for over a month and a half.

I hope that everything is all right.

1/27/2008 09:19:00 AM  

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