Admiral of Morality: Provincial and ACC replies to New Orleans bishops meeting begin to trickle in

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Provincial and ACC replies to New Orleans bishops meeting begin to trickle in

Over at the redesigned Anglican Communion homepage, the Anglican Communion Office has begun compiling the responses to the Episcopal bishops meeting from this past September.

The responses are collated into two groups: provinces,which includes responses from the primates and provincial synods, if these were consulted as part of the response process; and responses from members of the Anglican Consultative Council.

The Archbishop of Canterbury, as chair of the Joint Committee of Primates and ACC, requested the replies by October 31, and they are being sent to him. The Communion office notes that the Archbishop himself, will include reflections on the report and responses to it, in his annual Advent letter, which is expected sometime in the next few weeks.

As of November 6, Canterbury has received 26 responses from Primates, with no reply from 12 Provinces.

Of these 26, 12 view the Episcopal responses favorably. Ten provinces, all of them from the "global south," view the response unfavorably. Two responses are described as mixed. Figure one (below) charts the numbers. Click on the figure, for a legible image.

Twelve provinces have yet to reply. These are:

• CAPA Provinces (3) – the Archbishop of Central Africa retired in September, and the primacy is vacant at present. The (retired) Archbishop of Central Africa was a signatory of the recent CAPA communiqué, as were the Provincial representatives from the two remaining CAPA Provinces where a reply has not yet been received (the Archbishop of Sudan is currently in hospital, and is due to retire at the end of this year).
• South and Central American Provinces (2)
• United Churches (3)
• Other Provinces (4) although the Primate of one of these is on the JSC.

As for the Anglican Consultative Council, 27 of the 75 members have sent in their views. Only one so far, says the Episcopal Church reply is inadequate. Figure 2 (below) charts these numbers. Click on the figure, for a legible image.

Overall, the replies tend to support the Episcopal Church. There is an "extended comment" section highlighting responses that have been sent in; many of these highlight that The Episcopal Church has undergone an historic and unprecedented intrusion into its internal affairs.

There appears to be little support for having a special meeting of the primates on this matter, or indeed on any matter, as several replies evidence a growing uneasiness with the authority the primates have attempted to arrogate to themselves.

The link to this report, which no doubt will be updated as more replies arrive, is here. It is also formatted as a pdf here.


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