Admiral of Morality: First Dumbledore, then Rowan Williams. What's next?

Friday, October 26, 2007

First Dumbledore, then Rowan Williams. What's next?

If bad anagrams come in threes, please Lord, take me now

The Potter-verse was thrown for a loop when author J.K. Rowling announced she had always imagined one of the main characters in the "Harry Potter" series -- Albus Dumbledore -- to be gay.

Even the most diligent "Harry Potter" scholars found themselves caught unaware. But could anyone have seen this coming? Did Rowling leave any clues in the book?

Yes, and for those versed in Biblical numerology and alphabetology, it was an open secret for years that Dumbledore is gay, because his name is in fact an anagram for "Male bods rule, bud."

As if this week hasn't seen enough shocking Rowan Williams revelations, now comes word (sic) of what has been suspected in some parts, that Williams has a "silli maw" and may in fact be an "ill swami."

Do the math....


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