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Friday, October 05, 2007

The Mail

Admiral: I read with some interest (not much to be honest, since your site does not agree with me) your recent comments regarding the bishops meeting in New Orleans. Sadly I must conclude that the bishops missed a great opportunity to retreat from their path and join the rest of us Christians. As for me and my family we no longer are Episcopalians because the harm is too great. Please enjoy eternal damnation. Signed, Mr. DB Hosking
Sir: Thank you for the note. I welcome, as I am sure many do, your continued interest in the Episcopal Church in the United States of America and our House of Bishops. Since as you say, you no longer attend one of our churches, but have perhaps found a new home, I wish you well on your journey. If as you say, I am destined for the pit, I place my hope in Christ, to save me, and you, from such a fate, as I no doubt expect you do as well. Yours, The AoM

Admiral: I take it your (sic) sitting just fine with the pass you got in New Orleans. It's a complete joke. Signed, Anonymous
Sir: The deliberations and resolutions out of New Orleans have come with great effort, cost, and pain to many people. I do not consider the work of many people of good will, nor their prayerful deliberation, to be a joke. Instead I see in this a clear signal that our church, which in Philadelphia in 1789 immediately after constituting itself, committed itself to being in close contact and service with the See of Canterbury, from whose sphere it had sprung, remains so committed; and from that See and its affiliated bodies, likewise, an ongoing willingness and need to remain in close contact and service with us. Now no doubt there are some who like you, consider these relations wasted, illogical, wrong, impossible, terrible, and a host of any other things. But in fact, and God willing, this work will continue, as it has for many centuries, because this work of cooperation, discussion, and gathering worship and prayer, is essential to the lives of those who undertake it. It is also essential to those who might see in these relations, however faint they might be, some echoes of the Lord's vineyard. Yours, The AoM

Admiral: By now I'm sure you've seen all the articles in the papers and blogs and everywhere else about the new fall season. Any thoughts? Signed, Miss B. Walker
Miss: The reception at sea is generally acceptable but since it has so often been spotty I have not kept up much for some time, with anything. However. If I were to watch something in the new lineup, I might be tempted to take a look at "Torchwood." Yours, The AoM


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