Admiral of Morality: Canterbury Welcomes "Primatial Vicar" Framework

Friday, December 01, 2006

Canterbury Welcomes "Primatial Vicar" Framework

Network responds with insults and lack of prayerful discernment
More clues as to why one is Archbishop, and the others, never could be

The Archbishop of Canterbury has welcomed the proposal put forth by the Episcopal Church, for a "primatial vicar" for theological dissenters.

This should come as little surprise, since the proposal affords the Archbishop a key role in the process as requested, and he himself is thought to have participated in the framework's crafting.

In a statement sent out over the Anglican Communion News Service, Dr Williams said that the proposals would contribute to the process of determining future relationships.
"The meeting in New York to consider the questions raised by requests for 'alternative primatial oversight' has produced some imaginative proposals which represent, potentially, a very significant development.

"I am glad to see these positive suggestions and shall be giving them careful consideration. I hope that they will mark a step forward in the long and difficult process of working out future relationships within the Episcopal Church and the Anglican Communion in a manner faithful to the gospel requirements of forebearance and generosity."

The Network bishops, on the contrary, have responded in a completely opposite way from the Archbishop, with insults and new complaints, so quickly after the proposal was unveiled that it only underscores the lack of prayerful consideration and Christian charity they have given it.

The Anglican Scotist has summarized their responses well.
If these critics are being cynical, if they are not making these inflammatory imputations in innocent ignorance then we are witnessing the exercise not merely of vices contrary to faith, but of vices contrary to charity: Hatred, Discord, Contention, and dare I say Schism. The hardening of any "theological vices" is a matter of grave, even ultimate concern, but vices contrary to charity are dispostions opposed to the very nature of God, and merit extremely close attention. Not just attention to critics of TEC, as if any mere human could discern what they were really about, but attention to ourselves as friends of TEC who will no doubt be drawn into even greater, more intense unpleasantness over the upcoming attempt at schism.


Blogger MadPriest said...

"forebearance and generosity"
Isn't always the ones who ask for "forebearance and generosity" who don't have to do any forbearing or being generous.

12/01/2006 12:25:00 PM  
Blogger The AoM said...

It appears so. Apparently what is more important is not prayerful deliberation or anything approaching good faith consideration; but rushing to release a contrarian statement. Perhaps the AAC and their Network allies' focus on their "Internet ministry" has overwhelmed the notion of prayerful repose.

12/01/2006 01:50:00 PM  

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