Admiral of Morality: "God has a bad reputation"

Friday, July 13, 2007

"God has a bad reputation"

From our friends to the north in Canada, who seem to have quite a bit to say and write lately about God, religion, and faith, comes a piece by Lyn Cockburn, columnist for The Edmonton Sun. She writes that "God has a bad reputation":
I am happy to take issue with any religious group - Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Hindu - which loudly proclaims it is right and everybody else is wrong. This is junior high exclusivity and cliquishness.

In slightly different form practised say, in the workplace or on the golf course, this sort of thing is called racism. This we're-right-and-you're-wrong stuff is childish and it is mean. It also allows people to attribute meanness to God, something I cannot countenance. In fact, sometimes I think God gets a bad rep thanks to humans.

The "protesters" who Thursday called an "abomination" having Hindu prayer open the daily session of the U.S. Senate for the first time, obviously don't agree with Ms. Cockburn. They described themselves as "Christians and patriots," which no doubt describes hundreds of millions of other Americans. Yet, these few felt compelled to denounce the Hindu cleric and prayer, as idolatrous. How many others feel like they do, but couldn't make the trip?

Read the rest of Ms. Cockburn's piece at The Sun.


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