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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

The Mail

Admiral: Your recent comment on Rome and the pope ("Air in Rome has cocaine and marijuana" ) was sent to me via email. I am writing to tell you that your piece, if designed to be satirical or humorous, was not. It was designed to be satire? I fail to find the satire. What I do find is objectionable treatment of the Catholic faith and references to His Holiness Pope Benedict, as a sort of villain and a Dark Lord of the Sith. Whatever that is, I’m sure based on the rest of your comments, that it is something disrespectful and juvenile. Respectfully submitted, J.N. Cossimel

Sir: The link to the Star Wars encyclopedia was quite clear on the comment. Did you click on it? There, you may find a wealth of information regarding the dark and evil designs of the Sith and their allies, one of whom bears a remarkable resemblance to Benedict when he is not wearing his pope makeup. Yours, The AoM

∞ ∞ ∞

Admiral: I was directed to your site from [site redacted] and everything said there about you is true. Signed, TRbaub11

Sir: And? Please go on.

∞ ∞ ∞

Admiral: Admiral, a few days ago I had the pleasure of hearing and meeting Mr. Davis Mac-Iyalla from Nigeria, speak at Christ the King, in Stone Ridge, New York. He struck me as a very brave man of Christian principle. I’ve not seen it posted on your site but if you could, could you please note that Davis is visiting many, many churches of the Episcopal Church this summer? Hearing his voice has convinced me that our Anglican Communion is worth working for. No doubt there are countless many others like him who need our help and support. Signed, Oscar Rodman

Sir: Thank you for your letter. As you say, Mr. Mac-Iyalla has risked everything to bear witness to his life of honesty, faith, and Christian principle. In so doing, he has given voice to many others, and reminded us all that the Lord Christ is present in all the churches of His Anglican Communion. I am happy to note that this link to the Daily Office, contains much more information about Mr. Mac-Iyalla and his visits. Yours, The AoM


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