Admiral of Morality: Canada's Executive Council Recommends Blessings

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Canada's Executive Council Recommends Blessings

The National Post of Canada reports that the Anglican Church's Executive Council, the Council of General Synod, has recommended that the Anglican Church take up same sex blessings. The Council has proposed a resolution to this summer's General Synod, that says, "the blessing of same-sex unions is consistent with the core doctrine of the Anglican Church of Canada."

According to the Post, Archbishop Andrew Hutchison, head of the Canadian church and one who favours same-sex blessings, said he recognized the possibility of an Anglican schism.

"Of course I do," he told Reuters on Monday. "It's a real risk."

According to the Post, the Council's decision, reached this past Sunday, "strengthens the alignment of the Anglican Church of Canada with the U.S. Episcopal Church against attempts by the broader Anglican Communion to fight same-sex marriage and the ordination of homosexual clergy."

This could be; but proposing the resolution means the Synod will simply be considering the resolution. It may vote it down. Of course, there are no doubt some who view even a proposed resolution as an affront.

An analogous sentiment is apparent in parts of the Episcopal Church as well, and not just towards same-sex blessings. After the General Convention last June passed B033 with its "manner of life language" some dioceses nominated openly gay clergy to be bishops. Some in the Episcopal Church viewed just their nomination as a violation of B033.


Blogger Marshall said...

With that in mind, I would reference this article from the Rev. Dr. Stephen Andrews, a member of the Primate's Theological Committee of the Anglican Church of Canada ( Thanks to Preston at his blog "Baby Priest" for pointing this out (

The reference to "core doctrine" is a direct reference to the report of the Primate's Theological Committee, and it's distinction between "doctrine" and "core doctrine." This will be an interesting process to watch.

3/13/2007 11:46:00 PM  
Blogger toujoursdan said...

Along with this was a recommendation from the Council of General Synod (like the ECUSA's Executive Council) that lowers the bar on same sex blessing - previously it was expected that same sex blessings wouldn't happen unless there was a change in canon law. This takes 66% voting in favour over two General Synods.

Now SSBs can happen if a single resolution is passed with 60% of the vote.

Anglican Journal Canada: Same Sex Blessings to be decided by resolution

3/14/2007 06:48:00 PM  
Blogger toujoursdan said...

And the Canadian response to the Windsor Report came out today: A response to the Windsor Report

3/14/2007 07:08:00 PM  

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