Admiral of Morality: Christmas Message from Archbishop of Canterbury

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Christmas Message from Archbishop of Canterbury

"Jesus of Nazareth was born, lived, died and rose because human beings were not free. Since the dawn of human history, men and women had been trapped--even the very best of them--by the heritage of suspicion and alienation towards God and fear of each other. They had been caught up in the great rebellion against God that began even before human history, the revolt of God's creatures against God out of pride and self-assertion. Satan, the fallen angel, stands as a sign of this primordial tragedy, showing that even the most highly endowed being can be corrupted by self-assertion. All of the intelligence and spiritual dignity belonging to the angels did not stop Lucifer from the ultimate madness of rejecting the God in whose presence he stood."

Read the Archbishop's full message at the Anglican Communion website.


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