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Friday, November 17, 2006

From the Mailbag

My Good Admiral: Some weeks ago the other Confirmants and I were referred to your pages from [redacted], a fine site representing the one, true Anglican Reformed Episcopal Orthodox Catholic faith as passed down through the ages from time immemorial and best received on June 4th, 1957, in Oshkosh, Wisconsin.

After much deliberation it was decided that I should write on behalf of myself and the other Confirmants Resisting All New Knowledge & Science (The CRANKS).

It has taken me some time to compose my thoughts into a semblance of Christian charity and restraint. I would apologize to your readers if I were to fail at times to reflect such charity and restraint. But since such a damning letter as this will never see the light of day, I in truth see no need to apologize for what is, in fact, a ray of the light of God shining upon your sins of gross error and willful commission.

I do not write because I pretend to a holiness or a perfection that neither of us may attain; I write because the egregious nature of your willful errors and unrepentant, unrelenting sinning is a blot, a blot plain for all to see. Let all those with ears to hear listen!

You write quite clearly and repeatedly, that we must treat one another with love and mercy and that we must work diligently, if not moreso, to succor the sick, speak up for the weak, and etc. You have more than once offered up to this idol of love, justice and mercy, as a vehicle for its further idolization, the Millennium Development Goals.

In all respects you are in error. God does not want us to love and show mercy through any "goals." He is not interested in ending poverty, feeding the poor, or "human rights." What he commands and expects, is obedience. This is clearly stated in many Biblical passages and expositions of the one, true Anglican Reformed Episcopal Orthodox Catholic faith as passed down through the ages from time immemorial, beginning with [redacted for exceeding bandwidth].
Signed, J.M. H. Benters-Lee, on behalf of The CRANKS

Sir: I thank you for your lengthy and heartfelt disputation. Please consider an invitation to write again, but perhaps with less heat, and more light! Walk in peace. Abide in Christ. Pray for me, a sinner. Yours, The AoM
My Good Admiral: The Episcopal Church of the Blessed Sacrament in Placentia, California is probably the most orthodox and traditional parish in the Diocese of Los Angeles. We have chosen to remain in ECUSA. We are a vibrant and fast growing church. Our Rector, Father David, recently started a blog at It is really full of thoughtful postings. Please visit and if you like what you see, establish a link to it.
Yours in Christ's Peace, Power and Love, Stewart Roberts

Sir: Your parish and rector are indeed full of life and faith. I am happy to see you witnessing to your faith in The Episcopal Church. It is plain to me that your rector lives in the love and faith of the Lord Jesus Christ, and that his days walking His Earth, are devoted to helping others know the power and life of His light. While I cannot agree with some of his characterizations of our Church and its faithful, I agree wholeheartedly with his recent comment:

"Jesus did not command us to "love our neighbor"; he commanded us to 'love our neighbor as ourselves.' That's a much harder thing to do. When the command was first given in the days of Moses, it must have been electrifying. Well, it still is."

Peace be with you, and the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ. Yours, The AoM


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