Admiral of Morality: Dear Drexel Gomez

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Dear Drexel Gomez

The fox in the henhouse?
The Episcopal Majority writes to the new chair of the Anglican Covenant design group

Dear Archbishop Gomez,

Greetings and peace to you in our Lord Jesus Christ!

We are writing to you on behalf of The Episcopal Majority, a newly constituted organization representing what our former Presiding Bishop and Primate, the Most Reverend Frank Griswold, has aptly called the "diverse center" of the Episcopal Church. With some concern, we have noted the tenor and general direction of discussions on a possible "Anglican Covenant." We are writing at this time to appeal for a common reaffirmation of the de facto covenant that already binds our beloved Anglican Communion and indeed has done so since 1888, namely the Lambeth Quadrilateral.

Read the rest at The Episcopal Majority.


Anonymous Paul Bagshaw said...

The Modern Churchpeople’s response to the Covenant is at They make a reasoned argument against the proposal.

11/21/2006 12:37:00 PM  

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