Admiral of Morality: Episcopal TV ready to launch

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Episcopal TV ready to launch

The Episcopal Church will debut a new television program called "Episcopal Life Focus," later this month, with the first broadcasts looking at the ongoing recovery in New Orleans, and previewing the upcoming meeting of the House of Bishops, who are hosting the Archbishop of Canterbury September 20-25 in New Orleans.

The program, a monthly half-hour video "multicast" featuring church mission, ministries and news, debuts on Thursday, September 13, at 8 p.m. EDT on Episcopal Life Online.

It will remain available online for on-demand viewing, and for placement on local community access cable stations that make air time available free of charge, said Canon Robert Williams, director of the Episcopal Church's Communication Office, which is providing the new resource.

While Episcopal Life Focus will be based and edited at the Episcopal Chuch Center in New York City, its segments will be taped at varied locations churchwide. The program will not be "New York-centered," the production team assured.

"The Episcopal Church is much broader than that and the content of Episcopal Life Focus will reflect it," said Mike Collins, director of video and multicast communication for the Episcopal Church, and the show's producer. "We all hope to tell stories that resonate with the wider church."

Episcopal Life has the full story.


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