Admiral of Morality: ++Katherine profiled in USA Today

Monday, February 05, 2007

++Katherine profiled in USA Today

The article is headlined "Episcopal Church's new dawn" and can be read here. The article assumes a curiously if only slightly adversarial stance, that seems more at home in an interview with a politician than a religious leader.

At any rate an interesting exchange is about midway through:

"What about breakaway churches?

She's sad to see them go, but not so sad that she won't fight for their properties. "The institution cannot give away its birthright and the gifts that belong to future generations. Our desire to reconcile continues, but if (the seceding churches) would prefer to be part of another tradition, then they are welcome to go. They just can't take what doesn't belong to them," she says, leaning forward.

"The church's laws are broad but they are there, and beyond these lines you cannot go. Crossing boundaries has consequences." "


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